Buy Idaho Logos

The Buy Idaho logos promote our message and builds awareness of the Buy Idaho mission


These two trade mark logos are intended for general promotional use by members in good standing to encourage the purchase of products and services of Idaho individuals, companies, organizations and firms doing business in Idaho.




The Product of Idaho U.S.A. logo may be affixed or used in association with any item produced by human or mechanical effort or by a natural process within the boundaries of the State of Idaho. This definition applies to Idaho farm products collectively. It includes all products whose value is enhanced by 50% or more of state grown, manufactured, processed or produced items in the manufacturing of the product.


Buy Idaho logos and labels may be purchased at the Buy Idaho Showroom in the 8th St. Marketplace.



Buy Idaho, Inc.
404 South 8th Street, Suite B128, Boise ID 83702
Phone: 208-343-2582  Toll Free: 800-743-9549  Fax: 208-343-5231


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