Green Majority & The $100M+/year "Leak" In Idaho's Economy

January 25, 2017 1:17 PM | Sandy Anderson

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Guest Post by Koby Conrad via Green Majority

If there's something that we can all agree on, it's that Idaho is a pretty amazing state. I grew up in Idaho & have been here my whole life. I went to Hillside, Boise High, and the University of Idaho. Over the last 4 years I've started three separate six figure companies that have provided over ~20 jobs to local Idahoans. I'm a native Idahoan who loves my state. I love my community. I love my neighbors.

The mission of Buy Idaho is pretty simple (and amazing) in my opinion. It's to keep Idahoans spending their money in Idaho.

I know how important our local economy is, because as a small business owner my companies depend on the local economy. If people weren't spending their money locally, myself and many other business owners would simply go out of business. We wouldn't be able to continue to provide jobs for our community.

It's a funny concept. Our economy is kind of like a bathtub holding water, and there's only a certain amount of money that's in it.

If people are spending their money outside of our state, our bathtub has holes in it. Money starts to pour out, draining the resources from the people who live in Idaho.

And this concept of buying locally is why I want to talk to you about Cannabis. It's the year 2017. Idaho is an island of prohibition surrounded by states that have legalized Cannabis. This may not seem terribly important, especially if you do not consume Cannabis yourself.

But I beg you to consider a very, very important fact. Idahoans are driving over the border to buy legal Cannabis. It's not just "a few" people who are doing this. Idaho is spending over $100 MILLION dollars every single year on legal Cannabis - in Oregon and Washington.

Over the next 10 years, there is going to be over $1 BILLION dollars that leaves our economy from Idaho Cannabis enthusiasts spending their money outside of our great state. And this is going to have a real, devastating effect on our economy.

Our bathtub isn't just leaking. The money is gushing out of our state.

Now whether you think consuming Cannabis is "right" or "wrong" I beg you to consider a second fact. Idaho has already legalized medical meth & heroin. You can literally be prescribed these drugs from a doctor. The difference is that when you legalize a substance medically, you start regulating the industry.

We need to regulate Medical Cannabis within Idaho. We can't let drug dealers & criminals be the people who decide whether or not Cannabis ends up in the hands of our youth. We can't let our economy collapse because we are the only state who is unwilling to regulate the industry.

Medical legalization does not mean as a society we are "accepting" drug abuse. Addiction is bad, it doesn't matter if it's Cannabis, alcohol, heroin, or meth. Medical legalization simply means regulation. It means taxation. It means keeping our money in Idaho.

That is why I started Green Majority. We are campaigning to legalize Medical Cannabis so we can have a real, honest, discussion about addiction, and so we can keep over $100M+/year from leaking out of the Idaho economy.

Over the next 10 years, we can keep over a billion dollars in Idaho's economy through legalization, regulation, and taxation.

It's time to plug the leaks in our bathtub. To learn more visit

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