Buy Idaho...

Local Business Membership goes up from $185/year to $250/year in June. In honor of Buy Idaho Day (May 13th) join Buy Idaho in May for $185!

Benefits of Membership

When you join Buy Idaho, you show your customers and community that you support Idaho's state-wide Shop Local Network which is working to keep more Idahoan's dollars in our local economy. 

You'll also enjoy many other benefits of membership, including...

  • Inclusion in the digital and printed business directory
  • Member specials and discounts
  • Capitol Show and Holiday Market vendor opportunities available only to members 
  • Promotion across Buy Idaho's social media, website and email newsletter
  • Access to collaboration with government agencies
  • Use the the BUY IDAHO and PRODUCT OF IDAHO stickers

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Buy Idaho's Mission

Buy Idaho is an independent business alliance committed to the economic prosperity of locally owned businesses through advocacy, promotion, collective branding, collaboration with government agencies, and consumer education on the value of purchasing locally. 


New Membership Levels; New Benefits

Coming June 2023

In June, our basic membership pricing is going up from $185 to $250. We'll also add new membership tiers that will unlock additional benefits.

Why buy now?

You'll save  $65 on your annual membership if you stay at the Local Business Level, but if you want to upgrade to one of the new memberships options in June, we'll credit you the full $250 toward your upgrade to Idaho Icon, Buy Idaho Advocate, or Community Catalyst level memberships. 

So why wait?