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Connecting Local Vendors and Buyers

Wholesale Idaho

Welcome to Wholesale Idaho, the driving force behind Buy Idaho's initiative to cultivate a thriving intrastate commerce ecosystem. Our mission is to bridge the gap between buyers and producers across the diverse landscapes of Idaho, fostering meaningful connections that fuel economic growth.

At Wholesale Idaho, we're committed to empowering vendors with the knowledge and tools essential for success in wholesale transactions. Through strategic education and collaboration, we pave the way for a strengthened network, boosting economic growth and enhancing synergy between Idaho's buyers and sellers.

Discover the power of in-person industry-only markets, where connections turn into partnerships, and transactions become collaborations. Our commitment to facilitating these markets sets the stage for a resilient foundation, laying the groundwork for a prosperous statewide marketplace.

Join us in building a vibrant community where businesses thrive, connections flourish, and Idaho's economic landscape prospers. Wholesale Idaho is your gateway to a resilient and prosperous future in intrastate commerce.

Buy Idaho, Builds Idaho

Educate - Connect- Collaborate


The Wholesale Idaho Education initiative is designed to empower local producers by providing insights into the world of wholesale. This program serves as a collaborative space where producers can connect with other local wholesalers, buyers, and manufacturers to enhance their business strategies and seamlessly integrate wholesale into their operations.

Join Wholesale Idaho Education and unlock the potential of wholesale for your business. Gain the knowledge, resources, and support network needed to thrive in the competitive wholesale landscape. Together, let's build a stronger, more interconnected local economy. 


As a member of Wholesale Idaho, you become an integral part of Buy Idaho, the state's expansive shop local network.

Buy Idaho serves as a comprehensive platform spanning the entire state, connecting local businesses and creating a vibrant network. By joining Buy Idaho and Wholesale Idaho you are unlocking access to a plethora of local business resources. These resources are designed to enhance your business sphere and network, providing valuable tools to fortify your presence in the Idaho market.

Wholesale Idaho not only provides the education and support necessary for wholesale success but also opens doors to a larger network through Buy Idaho. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to connect, collaborate, and thrive within Idaho's rich and diverse business community. 


Immerse yourself in a thriving network of collaborative relationships as a member of Wholesale Idaho, seamlessly connected to Buy Idaho.

Forge meaningful relationships with buyers seeking local products, explore Requests for Proposals (RFPs) to expand your business reach, and establish connections with fellow wholesalers and manufacturers. The collaborative spirit extends to opportunities for white labeling, providing avenues for strategic partnerships and diversified product offerings.

The combined strength of these initiatives will propel your business toward success in the vibrant landscape of Idaho's local market.


Wholesale Idaho Market

Wholesale Idaho Market stands as Idaho's inaugural local vendor industry-only marketplace, proudly encompassing a diverse array of product categories. This pioneering market is a unique platform designed to connect buyers directly with the skilled creators behind the products. Attendees will have the invaluable opportunity to engage with the makers, personally experiencing the quality of their offerings through tactile interactions. The market promises an exclusive chance to secure special event pricing for orders placed during the event, fostering a dynamic environment where business transactions seamlessly blend with genuine connections between buyers and local vendors. With its comprehensive scope and commitment to showcasing Idaho's diverse range of products, Wholesale Idaho Market emerges as a pivotal hub for fostering community, commerce, and collaboration.

Be a part of Idaho's LOCAL Wholesale Network

For information on education sessions, upcoming markets, events, and opportunities, see the events page, and subscribe to the Buy Idaho Newsletter in the link.